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What started as a crypto joke meme has transformed into a billion dollar niche. Lovely Inu is not backing the trend.


Decentralized exchange that features custom functionality and allows holders to trade among themselves, and without any centralized point of failure, any BEP20 token for another. It is powered by Pancakeswap, the most secure and safest DEX in the crypto world. It acts as the foundation on which Lovely Inu will develop further functionalities and use-cases for the $LOVELY holders.


Initial Liquidity Offering that feature $LOVELY pair only and without any centralized point of failure. $LOVELY Launchpad is the safest and most secure means for innovative crypto startups, where users can participate in Initial Liquidity Offering using $LOVELY. It is fully decentralized, it is based on the Binance Smart Chain solidity smart contract, and it has the easiest user interface.


Casino gaming platform will have live casino with attractive UI Design and offering to users play casino using $LOVELY token.

Safest and Secure Multi Token $LOVELY Wallet will have easiest UI with Multi Functionality.

The $LOVELY’ wallet app will be introduced on both Android & iOS. Cross-Chain Trading will be enabled through the implementation of the Lovely Inu Protocol, linking multiple blockchain infrastructures. Initially, the MetaMask wallet will be used as the wallet on the website, but will be replaced by $LOVELY’s in-house developed wallet. Later, MetaMask will only function in the web-app and shall be replaced by the native Wallet on mobile application, which will function on both the web and mobile applications.


Will be able to facilitate the auto execution functions

Cross-chain trading will be enabled through the development and implementation of Lovely Inu protocol which will work towards bridging the different infrastructures that will be added to the trading


Centralized Crypto Exchange Ios/Android App. $LOVELY will bring for their Lovely Inu Family.


What Is a Business Model?

The term business model refers to a company’s plan for making a profit. It identifies the products or services the business plans to sell, its identified target market, and any anticipated expenses. Business models are important for both new and established businesses. They help new, developing companies attract investment, recruit talent, and motivate management and staff. Established businesses should regularly update their business plans or they’ll fail to anticipate trends and challenges ahead. Business plans help investors evaluate companies that interest them.

A business model is a high-level plan for profitably operating a business in a specific marketplace. A primary component of the business model is the value proposition. This is a description of the goods or services that a company offers and why they are desirable to customers or clients, ideally stated in a way that differentiates the product or service from its competitors.

The blockchain nature alters the way a business operates in areas such as the flow of transactions, change of entities, profits, and ensuring that growth is maintained during the change. These business models eventually help improve businesses and benefit end-users.A blockchain business model has all the three main characteristics of blockchain technology: it is decentralized, based on peer-to-peer transactions, within a trusted and reliable network

About Lovely Inu

$LOVELY’s Decentralized Exchange model generates revenue through trading, direct token to token swaps, the tier programs for $LOVELY tools and launchpad offerings. These revenue streams are further briefed below:

Trader Fees — a percentage fee is subtracted from both the maker and the taker of each trade.

Token Swap — a percentage fee is subtracted for each token exchange on the platform.

$LOVELY Tools — Proprietary tools will come in the form of tiers, each levying a certain fee.


Lovely Inu is an economical design that comprises a DeFi project and native token; Lovely. The team welcomes users and investors to an authentic means of getting
passive income with its token.
Through the incorporation of BEP-20 to Lovely, digital waste and excess energy is terminated as equity is ensured via the PoS consensus (Proof of Stake). It is also of great benefit for users through buying and holding the utility token; Lovely. In addition, partaking in various trusted launchpads by the endorsement of Lovely’s financial experts.


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